Power of the Plasma Membrane Technology Platform

Science of the Cell Membrane

VIRON’s Membrane Technology Platform

Disease results from the entry of pathogens (such as pathogenic Viruses) and or the impaired entry or exit of biomolecules at the cell plasma membrane. Our scientists are identifying small molecule drugs that regulate various transport functions at the cell membrane, to help prevent and treat disease.

It's all about membrane proteins and lipids

At VIRON, we are working on developing and testing new plasma membrane-targeted medicines for a wide range of diseases.

We start with a protein or lipid target

All plasma membrane-targeted medicines start with identifying a protein or lipid that can prevent or treat a certain disease.

Then we identify or design the small molecule

Our scientists identify or design small molecule(s) that carry necessary information to associate with or extract a specific group of lipids or proteins at the cell plasma membrane. This is how our COVID-19 nasal spray VIRONRx works. 

FDA-approved small molecules, all in the generally approved safe (GRAS) category, are able to extract specific lipids, and interact with specific proteins at the virus envelope, rendering the virus incapable of infecting the host cell. Additionally, these small molecules are able to help the immune system fight off the viral infection. Identification of the category of these molecules are supported by a large number of preclinical studies over decades, and a number of recent clinical trials, reflecting safety and efficacy in protection from SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and all its variants.

At VIRON, we repeat this process to create medicines for other indications

Similarly, to develop an anti flu drug, our science team has carefully studied and screened the impact of such small molecules to incapacitate the influenza virus that causes flu, the HIV virus that causes AIDS, and other pathogenic enveloped viruses and their different strains.

The development of these new medicines are similarly backed by evidence from a large number of preclinical studies spanning over a decade. VIRON will soon be testing these formulations in clinical trials against flu and HIV/AIDS that would work similarly.

We have an extensive pipeline 

In addition to fighting viral diseases, VIRON is also working on other types of membrane protein and lipid-directed medicines, that regulate membrane transport, such as chloride through the Cystic Fibrosis trans membrane conducting channel, to treat Cystic Fibrosis disease, in the release of insulin from beta cells of the endocrine pancreas in treating diabetes, and in the release of growth factors and antibodies in the treatment of cancer and many other indications.

Cell Membrane-Directed Small Molecules in Modern Medicine 

45+ years of Research on Cell Membrane and Rigorous Testing in Innovative Medicines

 Cell Membrane Transport Expertise

Our scientists are experts in creating medicines directed at the cell membrane transport process. They are devoted and dedicated scientists that have taken new discoveries and inventions from the bench to the bed side, and refined the process in making membrane-directed, safe and effective small molecule medicine.

Cell Membrane-Directed Small Molecule Medicine is Transformative

With our membrane-directed small molecule technology, we are revolutionizing medicine and developing new highly effective treatments rapidly and at lower cost, for previously untreatable and several emerging diseases such as SARS-CoV-2. 

VIRON will positively impact the lives of people globally 

Our membrane technology platform, with its speed, scale, and flexibility, is uniquely poised to serve a wide range of current and emerging pathogens that threaten humanity.

Our approach in the development of VIRONRx within a year to treat emerging infectious diseases like SARS-CoV-2 and other viral diseases like flu and HIV, is a testament of the potential of our platform to positively impact the lives of millions of people globally. Our research and design services enable us and our partners to advance new product ideas into development candidates.

Our scientific team, institutional collaborators and research infrastructure, and our manufacture, marketing and distribution partners nationally and globally, enables accelerated pre-clinical and clinical research from idea to development of medicine and their manufacture and distribution globally.

Our membrane technology platform using FDA-approved small molecules and an experienced scientific and management team, provides:

  1. Drug development by a highly experienced team of experts includes a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.
  2. Management & Scientific Team are experienced experts in the biotechnology space.
  3. Our use of FDA-approved small molecules increases safety and consumer confidence.
  4. Repurposing existing small molecules as drugs provides speed in commercialization and scale up capability.
  5. Development of new drugs accomplished at a fraction of the cost (Average drug development costs $1.5B).
  6. Rapid drug development.
  7. Lower cost of the drug promotes large market size and wide global access and use.