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Viron's CEO and CFO unveil mVIRP1, an anti-COVID-19 nasal spray

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Press Release: Viron Announces New CFO Hire

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President Jena interviewed by Georgian TV on COVID-19 pandemic

Georgian TV is the main TV station in Georgia

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Prof. Joachim Frank joins our Scientific Advisory Board!

Professor Joachim Frank is a 2017 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

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Welcome to our Exceptional Advisors!

Ambassador James R. Jones, Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker and Mr. Binu J. George are now Advisors of Viron

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VIRON promotes Healthy Living and Activities

Viron's Directors, Executives and Members are engaged in and promote exciting and healthy activities!

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Collaborations & Services

We will soon announce our collaborations leading to the development of this exciting endeavor!

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New Exceptional Advisors!

We thank our advisors for their helpful recommendations. We are looking forward to a thrilling journey together!

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