Viron Launches Identification of the Combinatorial Use of Small Molecules as Drugs to Target ‘Undruggable' Porosome Proteins


Rho GTPase activating protein The Ras superfamily of small GTPases present in the porosome complex, are classified as “undruggable”. 

Viron Inc., uses a proprietary porosome proteome- & lipidome-focused platform technology that addresses the key limitations of conventional screening techniques and allows us to discover previously unknown functional protein and lipid targets, and identify small molecules that selectively bind to those targets, including undruggable targets, and modulate secretory function in the treatment of diseases such as cancers, diabetes and neurological disorders. At Viron, prior to clinical trials, the potency and efficacy of these combinatorial small molecule drug formulations, are being assessed in silico by their binding affinities to the target porosome proteins and lipids, followed by studies on cell culture, organoids and animal studies.