Mission, Objective and Approach


Viron Inc., is built on translating the 25+ years of discovery on the ‘porosome secretory machinery’, and a molecular understanding of its structure, composition and functional reconstitution into lipid membrane and live cells, to identify and create precision medicines and high-value therapeutics, to transform human health. To achieve this, Viron Inc., continues to partner with global experts in the field, resulting in a rapid growth of its patent estate and new and novel additions to its drug and therapeutic pipeline in treating debilitating diseases and improve human lives.


To develop novel therapies focused on our ‘Membrane & Porosome Proteome & Lipidome (PPL) Technology' platform, to treat Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Diabetes, Lung Cancer, and various neurological disorders. Our mission is to provide access to all these curative therapies globally.


To achieve this, the design and development of the new generation of VIRONTM anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-neurological and anti-diabetes drugs are initiated in the laboratory and driven by results from decades of research by experts in the field, followed by investigation of the clinical outcome in humans. 

Viron Global Footprint