Drug Pipeline

Small Molecule Antiviral Therapy: Mitigation of Viral Infection (HIV, Coronavirus, Influenza, Hepatitis): At Viron Therapeutics, we have developed a Membrane Virus Prevention platform (now called Viron C1, C2….) formulation (patent submitted) to mitigate infection by enveloped viruses, such as HIV, Coronavirus, Hepatitis, Influenza. The active constituent used in this water-based formulation is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved product, which is currently in use in over 40 pharmaceutical drugs, administered either via oral, nasal, pulmonary, ocular, anal or dermal routes. The proposed effective dose of the active constituent in the formulation to be administered falls within the FDA-specified guidelines. The proposed route of administration of the formulation is nasal, pulmonary and dermal, using a soft mist inhaler to deliver a precise dose. The formulation is engineered to remain sterile in presence of benzalkonium chloride, commonly used in nasal, inhalable, ophthalmic and topical preparations in current use. The formulation has the additional potential of mitigating bacterial and fungal infections. In addition to having a potential in mitigating the actual Covid-19 crisis, VIRONTM Viron C1 formulation holds great promise for its use by health care providers. We believe that the challenge of overcoming infection by a mutated enveloped virus, such as Coronavirus HIV, Influenza, and Hepatitis, can be addressed.

 Nanobody or Nanobot Antibody Therapy: Nanobots will serve both as prophylactic and therapeutic drugs. Conventional antibody-based treatments and protection have limitations. These limitations are primarily due to the large size of conventional antibodies, and therefore their poor distribution into deep regions of the host tissues and organs and their restricted entry into cells or to cross the blood-brain barrier to reach targets of interest such as pathogenic virus. To overcome these limitations, Viron is developing a portfolio of novel nanobots for various viral proteins, including targets inaccessible by conventional antibodies. Using genetically engineered approaches that humanize variable domains of the camelidia variable domain (VHH), nanobots are being developed to prevent entry of pathogenic viruses into the host cell, and if the host is infected by a virus, to be able to neutralize the virus in the host. Although Nanobodies serve as a powerful prophylactic and therapeutic, are stable at room temperature, highly soluble in aqueous medium, reach deep into cells, tissues and organs, and can be manufactured rapidly and most inexpensively, a major concern is its poor binding with its target antigen compared to conventional antibodies. This will be overcome by combining our “Small Molecule Antiviral therapy with the Nanobot Therapy” that will help provide effective protection.

FDA = U.S. Food and Drug Administration; EUA = Emergency Use Authorization.

Lead Asset

Viron has established partnerships with the Viron Molecular Medicine Institute (MMI), Boston, MA, USA International Vaccine Institute, Seoul, Korea, and collaborates with both US research institutions and the Joint Clinical Research Center, to conduct advanced Clinical Trials on the VIRONTM mVIRP formulation (FDA-approved active compound) to mitigate infection by enveloped viruses, such as HIV/AIDS, Coronavirus/COVID-19, influenza and hepatitis viruses.